Importance of Communal Harmony : Short Paragraphs in English Language

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Short Essay on the topic need for communal harmony in the society for students in English language.

India is a vast nation having multiple religions, castes, creeds and languages. So it is the challenging problem for us to maintain communal harmony and peace among all. It is very urgent for all of us to foster national unity and to develop national conscious among all. Internal quarrels are the worst enemy of nation and they create ill-will, hatred, anarchy and mismanagement among all. Provincialism and linguistic quarrels cause a great to our social and economic uplift. Even terrorism, demanding separate territories too create obstacles. In this respect we cannot deny the role of a teacher and student who can play a major role in maintaining the peace and harmony.

They can organise workshops and seminars to train and reveal the importance of peace and harmony among the people. A nation can develop if its citizens are well mannered, peace loving and having a broader outlook. The students should be aware of the harms of communal hatred and caste problems. They are the torch bearers of a nation. So during the time of energy and foreign aggression they can maintain peace and create a feeling of affection as well as safety among all.

The students can awaken the people about the merits of unity and teach the literate to make them enlightened in all possible way. Though education is a complicated process yet the students can visit the concerned parties and tell them the merits of peace and unity. It was this unity that brought us freedom from the foreigner’s yoke. Not only the students and the teachers but so many other agencies like newspapers, cinemas, television and radio etc also can influence the people.

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