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Short paragraph on the topic ‘Impact / Effects of Western Culture on Indian Youths’ in English Language

The fun of life is that we advise others for their Food, Dresses, Drinks, Music and Culture. Indians go for everything that bears stamp of any foreign country without viewing our culture. We have a rich cultural heritage. Its roots go into antiquity. Ours have never been a closed culture. It has grown just like a tree, open to external influences but holding its roots fast. But one wonders today whether it will be able to hold its values. The citadel of Indian cultural heritage has come under the sway of the western culture. Our younger generation takes pride in aping the Western culture. It has become a symbol of status and totally a show off. Those who hold on to their cultural heritage are considered backward.

Our youngsters admire the Western people for their dresses, food drinks, music and everything. They go for everything that has a stamp, ‘Made in USA / UK ……………. . They are lured by anything that is Western. There is increasing preference for western objects, especially dresses, vehicles, mobiles and others. Loose fitting trousers, jeans pants, half pants, shirts, vests, leather coats attract every youth. Craze for unisex designs and styles are worth mentioning. Young boys and girls are seen all around in odd sizes, odd colours and moving around like Hollywood Stars.

It is unfortunate that the increasing preference for Western dresses and lifestyle has affected their mentality also. It has minimized their concern for what is sober and dignified. It has crumbled our old values. It has made our younger generation grossly materialistic, utterly devoid of spirituality.

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There are several bad impacts of the western culture on the Indian society that is destroying our cultural heritage, and perverting our youths.

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