IBPS Bank PO MT CWE IV Solved Previous Year Paper 18-10-2014 : Computer General Knowledge

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Q.1:- The result after applying an encryption key and algorithm to a message is ?

A.      Cybertext

B.      Decryption

C.      Plain Text

D.      Ciphertext

E.       None of these

Q.2:- Which of the following is graphics solution for Word Processors ?

A.      Clipart

B.      WordArt

C.      Drop Cap

D.      All of the above

E.       None of these

Q.3:- The process of copying software program from secondary storage media to hard disk is called ?

A.      Configuration

B.      Download

C.      Storage

D.      Upload

E.       Installation

Q.4:- Which network security features prevent users on a network from using program and information that are unauthorized ?

A.      Firewall

B.      Anti Virus

C.      Jammer

D.      Plotter

E.       Defender

Q.5:- Accidental click on undo button in Excel 2007 is reversed by clicking ?

A.      Revert

B.      Step to the Back

C.      Redo

D.      Step Backward

E.       Undo

Q.6:- First Generation programming language used ?

A.      Translator

B.      Machine Level Language

C.      Compiler

D.      Assembler

E.       All of the above

Q.7:- When a computer is turned on where does it get the first instructions that it loads into RAM ?

A.      From RAM

B.      From ROM

C.      From the Hard Disk

D.      From CD

E.       None of these

Q.8:- What is the name for a thin credit and size device used principally on laptop to expand capabilities ?

A.      Expansion card

B.      Flash card

C.      PC card

D.      Smart card

E.       None of the above

Q.9:- When you save a file, it is permanently saved on the ?

A.      CPU

B.      Monitor

C.      Hard Drive

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D.      RAM

E.       None of these

Q.10:- Good password helps organisation ?

A.      In securing information

B.      From spyware

C.      From hackers

D.      Both 2 and 3

E.       All of the above

Q.11:- Which of the following refers to an upside down mouse ?

A.      Trackpad

B.      Joystick

C.      Trackball

D.      Trackpoint

E.       None of these

Q.12:- If you change Windows 98 to Windows XP, you are actually performing ?

A.      Upstart

B.      Upload

C.      Upgrade

D.      Update

E.       Patch

Q.13:- Change from command line interface to GUI has made personal computer ?

A.      Communicative

B.      Representational

C.      Simulative

D.      Only 1 and 3

E.       All of the above

Q.14:- Which of the following is not a malware ?

A.      Adware

B.      Viruses

C.      Spyware

D.      Worms

E.       None of these

Q.15:- Which option is for print preview in MS office ?

A.      Print Menu

B.      Print Tab in Microsoft Office Backstage View

C.      Ctrl + F2

D.      Both 2 and 3

E.       All of the above

Q.16:- ___________ uses Palm Operating System.

A.      Laptops

B.      PDAs

C.      Smartphones

D.      Both 2 and 3

E.       All of the above

Q.17:- Java is referred to as ?

A.      Programming Language

B.      Operating System

C.      Cascading Style Sheet

D.      Both 2 and 4

E.       None of these

Q.18:-  _______________ are printed lines on most products ?

A.      Stripes

B.      Scanners

C.      Barcodes

D.      GUIs

E.       None of these

Q.19:- The first part of a complete URL is the _____ needed to access the web resource.

A.      Name

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B.      Location

C.      Address

D.      Protocol

E.       None of these

Q.20:- Windows Explorer is a ?

A.      Drive

B.      Browser

C.      Network

D.      Database

E.       File Manager

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