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Short paragraph on the topic ‘Horror of Wars’ in English Language

We all know that war is the greatest destroyer on the earth. It ruins everything without keeping in view any benevolence and humanity. Generally wars are fought to gain possession, power, money, land, glory and other gains with their neighbours. In older days, battles were fought to win the kings, emperors and the princes. The common man also bore the brunt of their misadventures. They raped, looted, burnt the properties in the cities, and enslaved the people. They brought untold suffering to the all humanity.

But the modern war has become an end in itself. With the advancement of science there are various weapons of mass destruction. They can destruct the humanity in the twinkling of an eye however powerful the enemy be. The coalition attack by Britain and America over Iraq is the burning example of this time. They devastated an independent country on the pretext of WMD but nothing had been found except heaps of debris everywhere innocent people were killed, their houses looted, people were insulted and enslaved. The super powers have their some vested interest. They even did not care for the Security Council. In this regard, it is the need of the hour that powerful nation exercise restraint on them before destructing others. They have countless heaps of weapons of destruction and others to destruct them. Nobody knows how the humanity will survive this state of affairs.

In order to stop the horror of wars among the people, international organizations like United Nations should implement the strict rules against the generation of the lethal weapons especially those which can be used for mass destruction like atom bomb etc.

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Finally, we can say that war is not the final solution of the problems. Conflicts can also be resolved by doing peaceful agreements.


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