Harmful Effects or Hazards of Watching Television (TV) for Children Essay in English Language

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Harmful Effects or Hazards of Watching Television (TV) for Children Essay in English Language for Exams

Television is one of the latest wonders of science. By the radio we can only hear the voice, but through the television, we are face to face with the screen. In short, the television has become one of the most important means of education, recreation, propaganda, national integration and imitation. Its advantages are varied in recent times. We can have mass education, form public opinion and eradicate many social evils from the society through television as it leaves a more permanent impression on our minds that we see or hear by sitting before a screen. Besides, it has a great health hazard for kids. We know that children are great imitators by nature. They imitate the facts and the characters that they view on the screen. For example, if you are remembered about the serial Shaktiman that put many a child to enforce death. They always try to copy the ideals, dialogues & feats duly exhibited on the screen and put them into action.

But they fall to understand the truth so they lose their lives. They do not understand the truth & Philosophy of the facts. They think that they will also survive like ‘Shaktiman’ and he will be there to save them. Such types of stunts should be banned out rightly by the broadcasting division. Before a serial is brought before the public, the authorities should look into its proses and cons. In case it has any adverse impression on the mind, it needs to be banned. At present we need good and responsible citizens with high moral values. We should present such lively serials that have moral, educational and cultural significance on us. We can show such serials that are likely to uproot social evils, corruption, regionalism, terrorism and communalism etc. Let us hope that the government would provide such serials that would be beneficial to all in every aspects.


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