1500+ General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers For Competitive Exams Part 14

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Q.1:- Which one of the following is not correct in respect of Andaman and Nicobar Command ? [CDS (II) Exams 2016]

  1. It is the first integrated theatre command in India.
  2. It’s headquarter is at Port Blair.
  3. It is recommended by a three-star officer.
  4. It was set up by the British during the Second World War.

Q.2:-  Name the first Asian country to Orbit Mars ? [SSC CHSL Exams 2015]

  1. Japan
  2. China
  3. India
  4. Pakistan

Q.3:- India’s first ever tactical missile was ?

  1. Trishul
  2. Prithvi
  3. Agni
  4. Supreme Soviet

Q.4:- Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) does not have its unit at ?

  1. Bengaluru
  2. Koraput
  3. Barrackpur
  4. Jaisalmer

Q.5:- The Indian military occupies a border village believed to be harbouring insurgents and asked the residents to vacate their houses in a night operation. Which one among the following statements is the correct interpretation of this incident ? [SSC CGL Exams 2011]

  1. India is a democracy and no citizen can be asked to leave their home without a warrant. Hence, this act constitutes a human rights violation
  2. The military operation does not constitute a human rights violation as it is operating in an insurgency infested area
  3. Under the Indian Constitution, every individual is entitled to basic fundamental rights and hence the military cannot ask anyone to leave their house on mere suspicion of supporting insurgents. Hence, this act by the military constitutes a human rights violation
  4. Just mere suspicion of supporting insurgency cannot be used as a pretext to occupy a village. Hence, the military action constitutes a human right violation

Q.6:- Army Training Command is located at ?

  1. Sri Nagar
  2. New Delhi
  3. Shimla
  4. Mumbai

Q.7:- Which of the following is not correctly matched ?

  1. Western Air Command – New Delhi
  2. Central Air Command – Allahabad
  3. Easter Air Command – Itanagar
  4. South Western Air Command – Jodhpur

Q.8:- Who among the following is one of the founders of ‘Hotmail’ ?

  1. Steve Wozniak
  2. Sabeer Bhatia
  3. Sachin Bansal
  4. None of the above
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Q.9:- Who invented ‘Vaccination’ ?

  1. James Simpson
  2. Edward Jenner
  3. Alexander Fleming
  4. A. Wakesman

Q.10:- Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, who discovered Oxygen, hailed from ?

  1. Netherlands
  2. USA
  3. France
  4. Russia

Q.11:- Which among the following do/does not belong / belongs to the GSM family of wireless technologies ? [IAS Exam 2010]

  1. EDGE
  2. LTE
  3. DSL
  4. Both EDGE and LTE

Q.12:- Supersonic jet causes pollution by thinning of ? [SSC CGL Exams 2011]

  1. O3 Layer
  2. O2 Layer
  3. SO2 Layer
  4. CO2 Layer

Q.13:- What is click-jacking [CPO SI Exams 2010]

  1. Malicious technique of tricking Web user into revealing confidential information
  2. A device that sends and receives data in a bit second
  3. A form of Computer Engineering
  4. A digital process that is used to display an image on monitor

Q.14:- Epigraphy means ?

  1. The study of coins
  2. The study of inscriptions
  3. The study of epics
  4. The study of geography

Q.15:- Who is associated with the invention of ‘Nylon’ ?

  1. Nicephore Niepce
  2. John Corbutt
  3. Louis Pasteur
  4. Wallace H. Carothers

Q.16:- Who built the first ‘Modern Motor Car’ ?

  1. Henry Ford
  2. Karl Benz
  3. Daimler
  4. Henry Austin

Q.17:- Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) is not useful for the treatment of which one of the following ailments ? [NDA Exam 2008]

  1. Kidney Failure
  2. Cancer
  3. Brain Injury
  4. Vision Impairment

Q.18:- The plant dye Henna imparts orange red colour to skin and hairs due to its reaction with which of the following ? [CDS Exams 2009]

  1. Proteins and Amino Acids
  2. Lipids
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Nucleic Acids

Q.19:- Who among the following is known for the theory of Continental Drift ?

  1. Edwin Hubble
  2. J. Seebeck
  3. Alfred Wegener
  4. C. Perrier

Q.20:- Who is the author of the book ‘The Test of My Life’ ?

  1. Yuvraj Singh
  2. Rodger Feder
  3. Tiger Woods
  4. Sania Mirza
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Q.21:- Who has authored the book ‘The Kingdom of God is Within You’ ? [SSC CHSL Exams 2015]

  1. Henry David
  2. John Ruskin
  3. Mahatma Gandhi
  4. Leo Tolstoy

Q.22:- ‘Lajja’ is a book written by ?

  1. Taslima Nasreen
  2. Salman Rushdie
  3. Sunil Ganguli
  4. Rabindranath Tagore

Q.23:- Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘Shape of Things to Come’ ?

  1. Adam Smith
  2. Edgar Snow
  3. James Joyce
  4. Daniel Defoe

Q.24:- The author of the book ‘A Brief History of Time’ is ? [CDS Exams 2001]

  1. Carl Sagan
  2. John Schwarz
  3. Michael Green
  4. Stephen Hawking

Q.25:- ‘A Suitable Boy’ is written by ?

  1. N. Dixit
  2. Abul Fazal
  3. Vikram Seth
  4. Amar Singh


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