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List of the important General Knowledge (GK) information and facts about our planet Earth


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1 Shape of the Earth is Geoid
2 Percentage of water on the Earth is 71%
3 Percentage of land area on the Earth is 29%
4 Age of the Earth is 4.5 billion years
5 Mass of the Earth is 5.9 X 1024 kg
6 Average Density of the Earth is 5.5 gm/cc
7 Radius of the Earth is 6,400 kms
8 Rotational Time of the Earth is 23 hours 56 minutes 4 secs
9 Revolution time of the Earth is 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 secs
10 Length of the Orbit of the Earth 960 million km
11 Minimum distance from the Sun (Perihelion) 147.9 million km
12 Maximum distance from the Sun (Apehelion) 152.1 million km
13 Time taken by the Sunlight to reach Earth 8 minutes 18 secs
14 Highest Point Mt. Everest (8d848 m from Mean Sea Level)
15 Deepest Ocean Point Mariana Trench (11,034 m) in Pacific ocean and challenger deep is its deepest point.
16 Average Depth of Ocean 3,730 mtrs
17 Mean Surface Temperature of the Earth 14 oC
18 Inclination of Polar Axis from Orbital Plane 23 degree 26 min and 59 sec
19 Time Coordinates of Earth Longitudes
20 Temperature Coordinates of Earth Latitudes
21 International Meridian o, Greenwich Line
22 International Date Line 180o E/W
23 Tropic of Cancer 23 1/2o N
24 Tropic of Capricon 23 1/2o S
25 Arctic Circle 66 1/2o N
26 Antarctic Circle 66 1/2o S
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