Full List of Most Important One Word Substitutions With Answers For All Competitive Exams Part 18

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681. The study of growing garden plants : Horticulture

682. Sudden involuntary muscular contraction : Spasm

683. Gradually advanced : Evolved

684. Artistic, Musical or dramatic interpretation : Rendition

685. A place of shelter for ships : Harbour

686. A computer printout sent out by  a bank regarding debits and credits in your account : Statement

687. To secure a boat by attaching it to an anchor : Moor

688. A large body of people playing various musical instruments : Orchestra

689. The first public performance of a musical or theatrical work or the first showing of a film : Premiere

690. Obsession with books : Bibliomania

691. One who hates mankind : Misanthrope

692. One who suffers for one’s faith : Martyr

693. A round-about way of expression : Circumlocution

694. Of one’s own free will : Voluntary

695. One who copies from other writers : Plagiarist

696. A container for the ashes of a dead person : Urn

697. One who is too careless to plan for the future : Improvident

698. Lively or high spirited : Vivacious

699. Too willing to obey other people : Subservient

700. Opinion contrary to accepted doctrines : Heresy

701. The area of medicine that treats illnesses of bones : Orthopaedics

702. One who complies a dictionary : Lexicographer

703. Walking in sleep : Somnambulism

704. An man with abnormal habits : Eccentric

705. A person who worships only one God : Monotheist

706. To destroy completely : Annihilate

707. Identification with the feelings of another : Empathy

708. A place where animals are slaughtered : Abattoir

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709. One who does or studies without seriousness : Dilettante

710. To free someone from all blames : Exonerate

711. Intentional damage to arrest production : Sabotage

712. A land fit for growing crops : Arable

713. To put two and two together : Understand

714. A person employed as a car driver for an important person : Chauffeur

715. A remedy for all diseases : Panacea

716. Act of stealing in small quantities : Pilferage

717. Animals living in water : Aquatic

718. A particular method of working : Modus Operandi

719. A person who looks at the bright side of things : Optimist

720. A person who is womanish in his habits : Effeminate


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