Full List of Most Important One Word Substitutions With Answers For All Competitive Exams Part 14

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521. Handwriting which is difficult or impossible to read : Illegible

522. One who studies the art of gardening : Horticulturist

523. Branch of medicine concerned with children and their illness : Paediatrics

524. Short speech or poem given at : Epilogue

525. Having juicy or fleshy and thick tissues : Succulent

526. All the arts, beliefs and social institutions etc. characteristic of a race : Culture

527. The schedule of travel : Itinerary

528. A decorative ring of flowers and leaves : Wreath

529. A person who is self-centred : Egoist

530. A study of sounds is known as : Phonetics

531. Animals which suckle their young : Mammals

532. Liable to be easily broken : Brittle

533. Accidental good fortune : Fluke

534. The art of beautiful handwriting : Calligraphy

535. Government by the few : Oligarchy

536. A special fondness or liking for : Penchant

537. A person who devotes his / her life for the welfare of others : Altruist

538. A person who lives by himself : Recluse

539. Her speech could not be heard by those sitting in the last few rows : Inaudible

540. Study of nature of God : Theology

541. Animals that eat flesh : Carnivorous

542. To die without having made a will : Intestate

543. To reduce to nothing : Null

544. One who is neither intelligent nor dull : Mediocre

545. An exact copy of handwriting or a picture produced by a machine : Facsimile

546. One who accepts pleasure and pain equally : Stoic

547. A speed delivered without any preparation : Extempore

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548. The study or practice of dancing or composing ballets : Choreography

549. Murder of a brother : Fratricide

550. Loss of memory : Amnesia

551. One who lends money at a very high interest : Usurer

552. A fear of closed / dark place : Claustrophobia

553. A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army : Mercenary

554. One who thinks or speaks too much of himself : Egotist

555. A pole or beam used as a temporary support : Prop

556. A building in which aircraft are housed : Hangar

557. The headmaster brought back to mind the outstanding achievements of the school : Reminded

558. The group especially in the arts, regarded as being the most experimental : Avant-Garde

559. Having a stale smell or taste : Rancid

560. A short trip or excursion : Jaunt


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