Full List of Most Important One Word Substitutions With Answers For All Competitive Exams Part 13

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481. The study of worms and insects : Entomology

482. Underground place for storing wine or other provisions : Cellar

483. Words inscribed on a tomb : Epitaph

484. Something which lasts forever : Eternal

485. The practise of having many wives : Polygamy

486. Incapable of being approached : Inaccessible

487. A person who collects and / or studies stamps : Philatelist

488. A person who works for an employer for a fixed period of time in order to learn the particular skills needed in their job : Apprentice

489. One who does something for the first time : Pioneer

490. Guilty of the crime : Culpable

491. Person who files a suit : Plaintiff

492. Completing a period of hundred years : Centennial

493. Edible means that which is worth eating

494. Lack of feeling : Apathy

495. That which makes it difficult to recognize the presence or real nature of something : Camouflage

496. A government run by officials : Bureaucracy

497. A word or practice that has gone out of use : Obsolete

498. Not easily pleased by anything : Fastidious

499. A fictitious name especially one assumed by an author : Pseudonym

500. A former student of a school, college or university : Alumnus

501. Favouritism granted in politics or business to relatives : Nepotism

502. One who is rather fastidious : Meticulous

503. The firing of many guns at the same time to mark an occasion : Salvo

504. Person leading a life of strict self-discipline : Ascetic

505. Take great pleasure : Revel

506. An assembly of worshipers : Congregation

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507. Fear of closed spaces : Claustrophobia

508. A collection of slaves : Coffle

509. Man who has more than one wife at a time : Polygamist

510. A list of explanation of rare, technical or obsolete words : Lexicon

511. Passing out of use : Obsolescent

512. A woman whose husband is dead : Widow

513. One who enjoys inflicting pain on himself : Masochist

514. The secretary’s proposal was adopted with the full agreement of all the members : Unanimously

515. A word composed of the first letters of the words in a phrase : Acronym

516. To play the part of and function as some other person : Act

517. People at a religious gathering : Congregation

518. A decorative handwriting : Calligraphy

519. Science or practice of map drawing : Cartography

520. A public institution for the care and protection of children without parents : Orphanage


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