Full List of Most Important One Word Substitutions With Answers For All Competitive Exams Part 12

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441. A highly skilled musician : Virtuoso

442. Belief in many gods : Pantheism

443. Pertaining to sheep : Ovine

444. Not likely to be easily pleased : Fastidious

445. One who takes care of a building : Janitor

446. Hole excavated by an animal as dwelling : Burrow

447. One who lives / survives on others / other lives : Parasite

448. A figure with many angles or sides : Polygon

449. Incapable of error : Infallible

450. The Mahabharata is a long poem based on a noble theme : Epic

451. A state where no law and order exists : Anarchy

452. An extract from a book of writing : Excerpt

453. An event that causes great harm to dams : Disaster

454. Motive or incitement to action : Incentive

455. A short story based on your personal experience : Anecdote

456. An inscription on a tomb : Epitaph

457. Design made by putting together  coloured pieces of glasses or stones : Mosaic

458. A speaker’s platform : Podium

459. Relating to the countries of the west : Occidental

460. A principle or standard by which anything is or can be judged : Criterion

461. Wild imagination : Fantasy

462. Detailed plan of journey : Schedule

463. A list of things to be discussed at a meeting : Agenda

464. A strong dislike : Animosity

465. Study of caves : Speleology

466. A medicine to nullify the effect of poison : Antidote

467. House or shelter of a gipsy : Caravan

468. A word that reads the same backwards as forwards : Palindrome

469. The line when the land and sky seems to meet : Horizon

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470. An obviously true or hackneyed statement : Truism

471. The art of making maps and charts : Cartography

472. Sentimental longing for a period in the past : Nostalgia

473. That which cannot be defeated : Invincible

474. A person who wastes his money on luxury : Extravagant

475. One who helps people by giving them money or other aid : Benefactor

476. A method of boiling briefly to cook food slightly : Parboil

477. One living on vegetables : Vegetarian

478. A person who abstains completely from alcoholic drinks : Teetotaller

479. A written declaration of government or a political party : Manifesto

480. One who deals in flowers : A Florist


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