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Football is my Favourite game. There are some special reasons for my liking of this game most. Football is the least costly game among the many foreign games. All that we require is a football and spacious field (Playground). It offers good physical exercise, and keeps us fit and healthy. It refreshes the mind too. We learn presence of mind because we have to take quick decisions in the playground. It teaches us the lesson of co-operations, team spirit and discipline. The players have to follow certain rules in the field. They have to abide by the decision of the referee. They have to obey the captain of the football team.

The best feature of the game is the sportsman like spirit in which defeat is, as a rule taken. All these activities prove very useful in making the participants ideal citizens. Besides, the tact, speed and pluck require of a foot ball player at every step are seldom to be seen in any other foreign game. One feels a thrill of joy when the ball is netted. Some people dislike this game on the ground that accidents frequently take place in the playground of the football. But now the regulations against foul play have been made very stringent. As a result, very few accidents occur in the ground during the game.

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