Famous Personalities General Knowledge Questions and Answers Set 1

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Q.1:- Which of the following Chief Ministers served for the longest tenure ?

  1. Lalu Prasad
  2. Jyoti Basu
  3. Ms. Mayawati
  4. M. Karunanidhi

Q.2:- The first Defence Minister of India was ?

  1. KM Cariappa
  2. Gopalaswami Aiyangar
  3. Baldev Singh
  4. Sardar Patel

Q.3:- Pablo Picasso, the famous painter was ?

  1. French
  2. Italian
  3. Flemish
  4. Spanish

Q.4:- The first Indian who was chosen as the Secretary General of Commonwealth  is ?

  1. Krishna Murthy
  2. Kamalesh Sharma
  3. Rakesh Verma
  4. Gopalaswami

Q.5:- Who among the following Union Ministers in the UPA-II Government resigned for reasons not connected with charges of corruption ?

  1. A. Raja
  2. Dayanidhi Maran
  3. Dinesh Trivedi
  4. Virbhadra Singh

Q.6:- Among the following political leaders of South India, who has not acted in any film ?

  1. N.T. Rama Rao
  2. M.G. Ramachandran
  3. C.N. Annadurai
  4. Jayalalitha

Q.7:- Who was affectionately known as the “Grand Old Man of India ?

  1. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  2. Dadabhai Naoroji
  3. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  4. Mahatma Gandhi

Q.8:- Who among the following was the first to land on moon ?

  1. Neil Armstrong
  2. Tenzing Norgay
  3. Rakesh Sharma
  4. Edwin Aldrin

Q.9:- Who among the following was thrice elected President of the Indian National Congress ?

  1. Dadabhai Naoroji
  2. Surendranath Banerjee
  3. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  4. Shankaran Nair

Q.10:- Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus belongs to which one of the following countries ?

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Pakistan
  3. Maldives
  4. Bangladesh

Q.11:- Jamini Roy distinguished himself in the field of ?

  1. Badminton
  2. Painting
  3. Theatre
  4. Sculpture
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Q.12:- Who amongst the following has taken over as the President of Serbia after the General elections held there in February 2008 ?

  1. Boris Tadic
  2. Tomislav Nicolic
  3. Samak Sundaravej
  4. Novak Djokovic

Q.13:- Who discovered the X-Rays ?

  1. Ross Ronald
  2. H.C. Urey
  3. W.K. Roentgen
  4. G. Marconi

Q.14:- Who among the following has been appointed as the chairman of IIM Ahmedabad ?

  1. Y.C. Deveshwar
  2. N.R. Narayana Murthy
  3. Sanjiv Gupta
  4. M. Damodaran

Q.15:- The first person out of Tata family who has been selected to head the Tata group after Ratan Tata is ?

  1. O.P. Bhatt
  2. Cyrus Mistry
  3. Kumar Mangalam Birla
  4. Noel Tata

Q.16:-Who among the following is the creator of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh ?

  1. Le Corbousier
  2. Pupul Jayakar
  3. Nek Chand
  4. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay

Q.17:- Kuldip Nayar, a journalist, was appointed as a High Commissioner in ?

  1. UK
  2. Pakistan
  3. Sri lanka
  4. Australia

Q.18:- Who was the Chairman of 14th Finance Commission ?

  1. Dr. Vijay L. Kelkar
  2. C. Rangarajan
  3. Y.V. Reddy
  4. A.M. Khusro

Q.19:- Who is called Rawalpindi Express ?

  1. Sachin Tendulkar
  2. Shoaib Akhtar
  3. Rahul Dravid
  4. Imran Khan

Q.20:- First Indian to make a speech in Hindi before the UN General Assembly was ?

  1. A.B. Vajpayee
  2. Lal Bahadur Shastri
  3. Lal Krishna Advani
  4. Morarji Desai

Q.21:- Who invented aeroplane ?

  1. Edison
  2. Stevenson
  3. Hoffman
  4. Wright Brothers

Q.22:- First Hindu-American to enter in the US House of Representative as senator is ?

  1. Tulsi Gabbard
  2. Sunita Williams
  3. Jyoti Sengupta
  4. Ami Bera
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Q.23:- Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is an exponent of ?

  1. Mandolin
  2. Santoor
  3. Sitar
  4. Veena

Q.24:- Who is also known as the flying Sikh of India ?

  1. Mohinder Singh
  2. Ajit Pal Singh
  3. Joginder Singh
  4. Milkha Singh

Q.25:- Who was the first Indian to reach Antarctica ?

  1. Rakesh Sharma
  2. G.S. Sirohi
  3. B.K. Dutta
  4. K. Karuna Nautial


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