Essay on A Railway Train Accident in English For Students

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Railway accidents are increasing day by day. However, if can be guessed that when thousands of trains run over the rail track everyday and some mishap sometimes can’t be ruled out. Accidents may occur due to some mechanical failures, but often they occur due to human mistakes.

On last Friday, a horrible accident took place between two trains near the local railway station. It so happened that the Rajdhani Express train was coming at full speed. It was a through train and was thus not stop at this station. The station master gave the wrong signal and the Rajdhani Express rammed into the passenger train which was coming towards the station from the opposite direction.

The two powerful engines struck each other like two fearful demons. Both of them were smashed and the drivers and cleaners of the train were killed on the spot. Two bogies of the Rajdhani Express train were destroyed, while 4 front bogies of the passenger train also met the same fate.

It was early in the morning. As we heard the cries of passengers, we rushed to the spot. It was a horrible sight. About one hundred passengers had been killed. Hundreds of the passengers were injured. Volunteers from the adjoining areas had come to provide relief and help to the injured passengers. The Safety System of Railways should be well-alert, and brushed up to make travel risk free for its passengers.


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