Essay on HIV AIDS : Transmission, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

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HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus) AIDS (Acquired Immuno or Immune Deficiency Syndrome) : Transmission, Symptoms, Prevention Treatment full paragraph in English language.

The abbreviation of ‘AIDS’ is so commonly used that it needs no interpretation. However, interpretation (full form) of AIDS is Acquired Immuno or Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a deadly disease which is produced by a virus called HIV (Human immunodeficiency or immune deficiency Virus).

Formidable Form

Today, this disease has become formidable. It has been spread in more than one hundred nations of the World. It is estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) that in the entire world more than 50-70 lakh persons have been infected by the HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus). Besides, there are many who do not even know that they are nurturing this deadly disease within their bodies.

Evil Consequences

The infant mortality rate is increasing because even pregnant women are found to be infected by the AIDS or HIV. The AIDS patients are terribly oppressed even by a simple disease because they lack the ability to fight that disease. AIDS virus destroys the immune system of the body. AIDS is proving to be a dangerous obstacle in the path of economic and social progress as its attack is chiefly on people belonging to the age group of 20 and 50 years.

Media Acquiring AIDS (Acquired Immuno or Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

The HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus) can be acquired by a human body through the following media:

  1. Sexual intercourse with a person infected with HIV.
  2. Sharing of needles of syringes of the person who is AIDS or HIV infected.
  3. Transfer of HIV from the AIDS infected mother to her child during pregnancy.
  4. Transfer of HIV by small or cut sharp edges, for example, the razor of a barber.
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Symptoms of AIDS

The symptoms of HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS include the following ailments (Symptoms) :

Nausea, Bleeding, Non-recovery of wounds, Pneumonia, Throat troubles, Headache, Jaundice, Weakness, Endless fever, Lack of appetite syphilis and other sexually transmitted disease.

Precautions and Remedial Steps

AIDS (Acquired Immuno or Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a deadly disease. Hence preventive measures are imperative. Some are as under:

  1. Avoidance : The only easy method to remain protected from it, is to avoid sexual contacts with the victim of AIDS. Avoid unprotected sex, and use condoms during sexual intercourse as these are very important safety tools in preventing the transfer of AIDS virus (HIV).
  2. Inoculation : Doctors have started giving such inoculations as can help in the protection from this disease during the initial stage.
  3. Joint Programme : The United Nations Organisation (UNO) has initiated many joint programmes against AIDS in which many of its agencies are participating. Some of them are as under :
    1. World Health Organization (WHO)
    2. United Nations Development Programme
    3. World Bank
    4. United Nations Population Fund
    5. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

AIDS (Acquired Immuno or Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is the most formidable giant weakening and swallowing the humanity rapidly. Immediate effective measures are indispensable in order to conquer this deadly disease and save our society.

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