Environment and Ecology Selected Questions and Answers Set 5

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Environment and ecology questions and answers solved entranciology set 5


Q.1:- The largest ecosystem of the Earth is ?

  1. Biosphere
  2. Hydrosphere
  3. Lithosphere
  4. Biome

Ans:- (b) Hydrosphere

Q.2:- Plastic was once hailed as the wonder material but is now becoming a serious environmental and health problem due to its non-biodegradable nature. Burning of plastics, especially PVC, releases the following harmful gas into the atmosphere.

  1. Dioxins
  2. Le
  3. O
  4. Pl

Ans:- (c) O

Q.3:- ‘Nitrosomonas’ bacteria in the root modules of leguminous plants converts nitrogen gas from air into inorganic Nitrogen compounds which enrich the soil and can be readily used by plants. Multiple cropping with legumes can thus significantly reduce the need for ………………………… ?

  1. Pesticides
  2. Fertilizers
  3. Irrigation
  4. All of the above

Ans:- (b) Fertilizers

Q.4:- A glass container chiefly enclosed for growing and displaying plants ?

  1. Terrarium
  2. Aquarium
  3. Shark Tank
  4. Ecolumn

Ans:- (a) Terrarium

Q.5:- By 2100 AD, global temperature is expected to rise by about 2 degree Celsius and consequently, the sea level by about 50 cm from the present level. How is a rise in temperature expected to increase the level of the sea?

  1. By expanding ocean water
  2. By melting mountain glaciers
  3. By causing ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland to melt and slide into the oceans
  4. All of the above

Ans:- (d) All of the above

Q.6:- Which one among the following groups of items contains only biodegradable items ?

  1. Paper, Grass, Glass
  2. Wood, Flower, Iron-Scrap
  3. Sewage, Plastic, Leather
  4. Cow-dung, Paddy Husk, Vegetable Wastes

Ans:- (d) Cow-dung, Paddy Husk, Vegetable Wastes

Q.7:- Which of the following does not fit into a preservation ethic attitude towards the environment ?

  1. Nature has intrinsic value
  2. Continual change and human progress is good in itself
  3. A reverence for life and respect for the rights of all creatures
  4. Human species depend on, and learn from nature

Ans:- (b) Continual change and human progress is good in itself

Q.8:- Air pollution by “Fly ash” is caused by :

  1. Hydro-electric Power Stations
  2. Power generation through wind farms
  3. Coal combustion in Thermal Power Plants
  4. Nuclear Power Plants

Ans:- (c) Coal combustion in Thermal Power Plants

Q.9:- Consider the following pairs

S. No. National Park River Flowing Through the Park
1 Corbett National Park Ganga
2 Kaziranga National Park Manas
3 Silent Valley National Park Kaveri


Which of the above pairs is / are correctly matched ?

  1. 1 and 2
  2. 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. None
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Ans:- (d) None

Q.10:- The main pollutant responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy is ?

  1. Methyl Isocyanate
  2. Bromine
  3. Chlorofluro Carbon
  4. Chlorine

Ans:- (a) Methyl Isocyanate

Q.11:- Which of the following is the most likely reason a corporation would pollute the environment ?

  1. Corporate executives show callous disregard for the environment
  2. The corporation is a legal entity interested primarily in profitability for its shareholders, not in environmental protection
  3. The corporation look at its pollution as residues of the production process, rather than as wastes
  4. The corporation is only interested in making decisions that have a positive long term impact on society

Ans:- (b) The corporation is a legal entity interested primarily in profitability for its shareholders, not in environmental protection

Q.12:- In the vicinity of Iron Ore mining areas which one among the following elements would be high in ground water ?

  1. Calcium
  2. Nitrate
  3. Fluoride
  4. Arsenic

Ans:- (d) Arsenic

Q.13:- Statement I :

Ozone is produced naturally by the action of Ultraviolet radiation on Oxygen molecule (O2) in the upper atmosphere.

Statement II :

Ozone depletion has been caused by the release of chlorofluoro Carbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere.

  1. Both the statements are individually true and statement II is the correct explanation of statement I
  2. Both the statements are individually true but statement II is not the correct explanation of statement I
  3. Statement I is true but statement II is false
  4. Statement I is false but statement II is true

Ans:- Both the statements are individually true and statement II is the correct explanation of statement I

Q.14:- Improper handling and storage of cereal grains and oilseeds result in the production of toxins known as aflatoxins which are not generally destroyed by normal cooking process. Aflatoxins are produced by ?

  1. Bacteria
  2. Protozoa
  3. Moulds
  4. Viruses

Ans:- (c) Moulds

Q.15:- The famous three P’s of environmental awareness are :

  1. Population, Politics, Price
  2. Population, Poverty, Pollution
  3. People, Poverty, Politics
  4. Power, Production, Pollution

Ans:- (a) Population, Politics, Price

Q.16:- Chlorofluro Carbons are widely used in

  1. Micro Ovens
  2. Solar Heaters
  3. Washing Machines
  4. Refrigerators

Ans:- (d) Refrigerators

Q.17:- Human activities in the recent past have caused the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but a lot of it does not remain in the lower atmosphere because of

  1. Its escape into the outer stratosphere
  2. The photosynthesis by phyto-plankton in the oceans
  3. The trapping of air in the polar ice caps
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Which of the statements given above is / are correct ?

  1. 1 and 2
  2. 2 only
  3. 2 and 3 only
  4. 3 only

Ans:- (c) 2 and 3 only

Q.18:- Government of India in July 2011 gave its nod for accepting international regulations for the prevention of air pollution emanating from ships. In this regard, which of the following statements is / are correct ?

  1. According to the regulations, limits have been set on Sulphur Oxide and Nitrogen Oxide emission from ship exhausts.
  2. India is the first country to ratify to the Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships of International Maritime Organisation.

Select the correct answer using the code given below :

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. None

Ans:- (a) 1 only

Q.19:- Global warming is expected to result in ?

  1. Increase in level of sea
  2. Change in crop pattern
  3. Change in coastline
  4. Each of the above

Ans:- (d) Each of the above

Q.20:- Which of the following species of Rhinoceros is said to be the most critically endangered species ?

  1. Indian One Horned Rhinos
  2. Javan Rhino
  3. African Black Rhinol
  4. Sumatran Rhino

Ans:- (b) Javan Rhino

Q.21:- All of the organisms living in a particular area make up …………………. .

  1. A food chain
  2. A population
  3. A biological community
  4. A biosphere

Ans:- (c) A biological community

Q.22:- Diesel exhaust is the main source of three highly toxic pollutants that have a widespread impact on the urban air quality and human health. Name them ?

  1. SPM, Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)
  2. Suspended particulate matter (SPM), Benzene
  3. Sulphur Dioxide, Ammonia, Benzene
  4. Lead, NOx, CO2

Ans:- (b) Suspended particulate matter (SPM), Benzene

Q.23:- How many million hectares of forest are destroyed each year around the world ?

  1. Approximately 10 million
  2. Approximately 13 million
  3. Approximately 15 million
  4. None of these

Ans:- (b) Approximately 13 million

Q.24:- Which is not a theory of environmental ethics ?

  1. Anthropocentricism
  2. Biocentricism
  3. Ethnocentricism
  4. Ecocentricism

Ans:- (b) Biocentricism

Q.25:- At what level does the Natura 2000 network operate ?

  1. Global
  2. European
  3. French
  4. None of these

Ans:- (b) European



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