English Idioms and Phrases : All SSC Exams Previous Years Objective Solved Questions Set 2

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Q.1:- to roll out the red carpet

  1. To buy a gift
  2. To give a warning signal
  3. To decorate the room
  4. To give a grand welcome

Q.2:- Do not pull a long face.

  1. Look ugly
  2. Look tired
  3. Look dejected
  4. Look happy

Q.3:- sit on the fence

  1. To be in a tricky situation
  2. To be relaxed and comfortable
  3. Halting between two opinions
  4. To be defeated and dejected

Q.4:- When I entered the house everything was at sixes and sevens.

  1. A quarrel among six or seven people
  2. To have six or seven visitors at a time
  3. In disorder or confusion
  4. An unpleasant argument

Q.5:- This place affords a bird’s eye view of the green valley below.

  1. A beautiful view
  2. A narrow view
  3. An overview
  4. An ugly view

Q.6:- The carrot and stick policy pays dividends in every organisation.

  1. Fair and foul
  2. Continuous vigilance
  3. Democratic
  4. Reward and punishment

Q.7:- To have something up one’s sleeve

  1. To hide something in the sleeve
  2. To play a magician trick
  3. To have a secret plan
  4. To play hide and seek

Q.8:- She is too fond of her own voice.

  1. Loves singing
  2. Very selfish
  3. Does not listen properly to anyone else
  4. Very talkative

Q.9:- After fifteen years of marriage she did not expect her husband to leave her in the lurch.

  1. Listen to
  2. Provoke her
  3. Ignore her
  4. Desert her

Q.10:- The police closed the book on the murder case.

  1. Solved the case of
  2. Stopped working on
  3. Handed the case over to another agency
  4. Refused to take up

Q.11:- by fair means or foul

  1. Without using common sense
  2. Without difficulty
  3. In anyway honest or dishonest
  4. Having been instigate
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Q.12:- When my friend was in Kolkata, he ran into an old friend at the theatre.

  1. Hit
  2. Met accidentally
  3. Planned to meet
  4. Invited

Q.13:- The officer kicked up a row over the issue.

  1. Gave a kick in the air
  2. Made a great fuss
  3. Avoided the issue
  4. Gave strict orders

Q.14:- She denied point-blank her involvement in the crime.

  1. Directly
  2. Desperately
  3. Stubbornly
  4. Rudely

Q.15:- I hope to talk him over to our view.

  1. Oppose
  2. Analyse
  3. Convince
  4. Support

Q.16:- We wanted the gift to be surprise for my mother, but my sister gave the game away.

  1. Lost the game
  2. Gave out the secret
  3. Gave away the gift
  4. Withdrew from the plan

Q.17:- The question of unemployment is a hard nut to crack.

  1. Difficult task
  2. Different matter
  3. Impossible task
  4. Inexplicable problem

Q.18:- He died in harness.

  1. Ceased to live
  2. Died of a disease
  3. Died for his country
  4. Died while working

Q.19:- at the eleventh hour.

  1. Too late
  2. Too early
  3. Immediately
  4. At the last moment

Q.20:- Can you give me a hand with this luggage ?

  1. Keep in a watch
  2. Handle
  3. Provide me with
  4. Help me with

Q.21:- The young boy was kicking his heels inspite of his mother’s stern warnings.

  1. Playing happily
  2. Kicking someone
  3. Wasting time
  4. Passing a gesture of disrespect

Q.22:- The news of the President’s death spread like wild fire.

  1. Spread rapidly
  2. Caused a major confusion
  3. Was wild rumour
  4. Set the nation on fire

Q.23:- fall flat

  1. To fail to stand
  2. To fail to realise
  3. To fail to maintain
  4. To fail to produce intended effect

Q.24:- The music group broke up unceremoniously.

  1. Went bankrupt
  2. Broke each other’s instruments
  3. Disturbed the neighbourhood
  4. Disbanded itself

Q.25:- By fits and starts

  1. Regularly
  2. Irregularly
  3. Certainly
  4. Fairly
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