Dog – A Very Useful Pet Animal : Short Essay Writing in English Language

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Short Article / Paragraph / Essay on the Topic “ Dog – A Very Useful Pet Animal ” in English Language

A dog is very common four-legged animal that is often kept by people as a pet in the homes or used to guard or hunt things. There are a lot of different breeds of dogs. Dogs are very useful and faithful animals. They have sharp teeth and shining eyes. They are very active and smart and run very fast. Dogs guard our houses and colonies at night, and protect us from goons and criminals.

The thieves and strangers fear them. Dogs have a strong smelling power. There are police dogs which help us in catching thieves, criminals, smugglers, drug traffickers, etc. Sheep dogs look after sheep. In short, the dogs are our best friend. They also play with the children, and guard the fields and keep the stray cattle away. The dogs are found all over the world. They are of many sizes, colours, kinds and breeds. Bull dogs are the best in the world. The dog is really a lovely pet animal.

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