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countries and their main productions and industries entranciology


S. No. Name of Country Main Productions / Industries
1 Afghanistan Carpets, Wool, Dry and Fresh Fruits
2 Australia Dairy Products, Wood, Meat, Wheat, Lead, Zinc
3 Austria Textiles, Leather Goods, Machinery
4 Brazil Coffee
5 Belgium Textiles, Glass
6 Chile Copper Nitrate
7 Canada Machinery, Newsprint, Wheat
8 China Tea, Rice, Silk
9 Congo Copper, Ivory, Uranium, Cobalt
10 Cuba Tobacco, Sugar, Cigar
11 Denmark Paper, Textiles
12 France Wine, Silk, Textile
13 Germany Iron and Steel Equipments, Machinery, Chemical
14 Ghana Coffee, Coco, Gold
15 India Textiles, Jute, Spices, Sugar, Tobacco, Cement, Tea, Mica
16 Indonesia Spices, Sugar, Rice, Rubber, Petroleum, Cinchona
17 Iran Carpets, Dry Fruits, Petroleum
18 Iraq Petroleum, Dates
19 Italy Textiles, Mercury
20 Japan Textiles, Toys, Automobiles, Silk, Machinery
21 Kenya Tea, Coffee, Hides and Skins, Meat, Cement, Soda Ash
22 Kuwait Petroleum
23 Malaysia Tin, Rubber
24 Netherlands Aircraft, Machinery, Electricals
25 Saudi Arabia Date, Oil
26 Spain Lead
27 Sweden Matches, Timber
28 Switzerland Chemicals, Watches, Electricals
29 Taiwan Rice, Camphor
30 UK Medicines, Cars, Machinery, Textiles
31 USA Wheat, Machinery, Automobiles, Iron, Petroleum, Coal
32 Russia Wheat, Heavy Machinery, Chemicals, Petroleum
33 Vietnam Rice, Rubber, Teak, Tin
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