Cosmetics and Their Chemical Components : Chemistry Theory Study

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Acetone : Cologne, nail enamel remover

Benzaldehyde : Perfumes, Cologne, hair spray, Vaseline, shaving cream, shampoo, soaps

Benzyl Acetate : Perfumes, detergent, soaps, after shave lotions, deodorants

Benzyl Alcohol : Cologne, nail enamel remover, fabric softner

Camphor : Perfumes, shaving cream, nail polish

Methylene Chloride : Shampoo, Cologne

Ethanol : Shampoo, hair spray, perfumes, shaving creams

Phthales : Hair sprays, skin moisturisers

Toluene : Lacquers nail polishes

Benzoic Acid : Cream and lotion

Cetyl Alcohol : Moisturising cream, lotions

Hydroquinone : Moisturising cream

Linalool : Perfumes, bar soaps, hand lotions

Terpinene : Cologne, perfume, air freshner

Terpineol : Perfumes and colognes


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