Computer and IT Selected Questions and Answers Set 1

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Computer and IT Selected Questions and Answers Set 1 entranciology


Q.1:- What is the full form of URL?

Ans:- Uniform Resource Locator

Q.2:- Random Access Memory (RAM) is which storage of device ?

Ans:- Primay

Q.3:- WWW stands for ?

Ans:- World Wide Web

Q.4:- Where are saved files stored in computer ?

Ans:- Hard Disk

Q.5:- What is known as the administrative section of the computer system ?

Ans:- Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Q.6:- Give the name of the a non-volatile memory ?

Ans:- ROM

Q.7:- Where is cache memory is located ?

Ans:- CPU

Q.8:- Which function key is used to check spellings ?

Ans:- F7

Q.9:- Intersection of columns and rows is called a ?

Ans:- Cell

Q.10:- Which part of the computer is responsible for communication between Memory and ALU ?

Ans:- Control Unit

Q.11:- Who invented C++ ?

Ans:- Bjarne Stroustrup

Q.12:- What is used to make computer chips ?

Ans:- Silicon

Q.13:- 1 Mega Byte is equal to ?

Ans:- 1024 Kilo Bytes (Kb)

Q.14:- Who invented Java ?

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Ans:- James Gosling

Q.15:- HTTP stands for ?

Ans:- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Q.16:- What is the name of a device that converts digital signals to analog signals?

Ans:- Modem

Q.17:- In order to move to beginning of a page, which key do we press ?

Ans:- Home Key

Q.18:- Computer resolution measures ?

Ans:- Number of pixels

Q.19:- How many bits are there in 1 byte?

Ans:- 8 Bits

Q.20:- ARP stands for ?

Ans:- Address Resolution Protocol

Q.21:- Give the name of a term which is related to database ?

Ans:- Oracle

Q.22:- BIOS is used for ?

Ans:- Loading Operating System

Q.23:- IP address version 4 is in which format ?

Ans:- 32 bit

Q.24:- Which type of switching is used in Internet ?

Ans:- Packet

Q.25:- EXIF stands for ?

Ans:- Exchangeable Image File Format


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