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Since centuries, Science and Technology have been making our lives more comfortable and our works faster and safe. In this regard it is not an exaggeration to mention the name of the computer and its applications that helps in giving accurate solutions to our complicated and complex problems. The invention of the computer is the result of constant efforts of the scientists and all this credit goes to Charles Babbage ‘The Father of the Computer’.

The system of computer is totally based on computer scientists’ intelligence. We feed possible answers to the questions in the computer and the button is pressed to get the correct answers. It helps man in finding future possibilities of the items developed already. Today the scientists use computers to known as to how we can get better atmosphere for the existence of man on this planet. Today the computers make us aware about an earthquake, an accident of air and water. Weather forecasts are done by the computers. Computers have also made it possible to measure the huge cosmic distances i.e. distance between two stars, planets etc. We have also sent robots on the other planets to search the possibilities of life there with the help of computers and technologies.

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The use of computer is increasing day by day. It collects data and selects correct answers. It can do figure work on a large scale. All the big concerns and government offices use computers for their pay rolls and other future works. The Indian railways and air traffic departments have computerized their function in various divisions like we can book the tickets online, and check the schedule of the trains on Internet. All youths of the big and developed countries use computers to solve their climatic, industrial and commercial problems. Many countries control the traffic with the help of the computers.

Even then the computer has to get help from human brain. Thinking is done by human brain, which a computer does not do and this thinking is fed into the computer. Now computer has become a big source of employment for youths in various capacities. There are several online job portals and mobile applications where candidates can search the relevant jobs. But it is feared that the high usage of computer would one day create unemployment as it can do the work faster and more qualitative in comparison to man.


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