Computer and IT Selected Questions and Answers Set 3

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Q.1:- What is the full form of CPU ?

Ans:- Central Processing Unit

Q.2:- Who invented the punched card ?

Ans:- Herman Hallerith

Q.3:- Give the definition of volatile memory ?

Ans:- Its contents are lost on failure of power supply

Q.4:- The coordination of processor operations in the CPU is done by ?

Ans:- Control Unit

Q.5:- A set of instructions is called a ?

Ans:- Program

Q.6:- The Central Processing Unit ?

Ans:- Controls all input, output and processing

Q.7:- A group prepared by a computer is ?

Ans:- Output

Q.8:-Data is a collection of ?

Ans:- Facts and entities relevant to user

Q.9:- Storage of 1 MB means the following number of bytes ?

Ans:- 220

Q.10:- Computers lack in ?

Ans:- Innovations

Q.11:- What is tailor made software ?

Ans:- A software which is made according to a user’s requirement

Q.12:- Computer’s main memory ?

Ans:- is computer’s workbench

Q.13:- The purpose of an application program is to ?

Ans:- meet specific user needs

Q.14:- What is the function of assembler ?

Ans:- It converts the program written in assembly language into machine language

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Q.15:- Analog computer ?

Ans:- measures rather than counts

Q.16:- What do you mean by term firmware ?

Ans:- Pre-written program permanently stored in read-only memory

Q.17:- Give any three main limitations of the computers ?

Ans:- Lack of decision making power, Zero IQ and Lack in innovations.

Q.18:- In computer science, by information we mean ?

Ans:- processed data put in intelligent form

Q.19:- What do you understand by IPO cycle ?

Ans:- Input Process Output Cycle

Q.20:- The control unit of the computer ?

Ans:- directs the other units of the computer

Q.21:- Calculations are made in computer with the help of its ?

Ans:- ALU

Q.22:- Results are obtained from computer through its ?

Ans:- Output Unit

Q.23:- What does the term “Liveware” in computer terminology refer ?

Ans:- This term is generally used for the people associated with and benefited from the computer system.

Q.24:- Who invented the method of logarithm ?

Ans:- John Napier

Q.25:- Give any three points related to first generation computers ?

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Ans:- (a) The first generation computers used vacuum tubes instead of switches and relays (b) used stored programs in the memory of the computer (c) used machine language for giving instruction.



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