Computer and IT Selected Questions and Answers Set 2

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Q.1:- The first generation computers used ?

Ans:- Vacuum Tubes

Q.2:- Which is a laptop PC ?

Ans:- A portable and sleek computer

Q.3:- Give the name of an input unit ?

Ans:- Mouse

Q.4:- Which machine is the oldest machine ever used for calculations ?


Q.5:- Who invented an Analytical Engine which became a real ancestor of the modern day computer ?

Ans:- Charles Babbage

Q.6:- Who has earned the title “Father of Modern Computers” ?

Ans:- Charles Babbage

Q.7:- Which computer has used the binary arithmetic in its construction ?


Q.8:- The second generation computers replaced vacuum tubes with ?

Ans:- Transistors

Q.9:- The third generation computers replaced transistors with ?

Ans:- Integrated Circuits

Q.10:- The fourth generation computers came with the advent of the ?

Ans:- Microprocessor Chip

Q.11:- What is the main feature of the third generation computers ?

Ans:- Integrated Circuits, Magnetic Disc Technology & CPUs capacity of carrying out 1 million instructions per second.

Q.12:- The second generation computers began with the advent of ?

Ans:- Transistorized circuitry, magnetic core and magnetic disk storage device.

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Q.13:- Give some limitations of first generation computers ?

Ans:- High power consumption, slow operating speed and restricted computing capacity are the few limitations of first generation computers.

Q.14:- The minicomputer, ICL-2903 manufactured by International Computers Limited was developed during ?

Ans:- Third generation computers

Q.15:- The most popular CPU Pentium has come in ?

Ans:- Fourth generation computers

Q.16:- What is the measuring unit of memory ?

Ans:- Byte

Q.17:- How many bits are there in one byte?

Ans:- One kilobyte is equal to ?

Ans:- 1024 bytes

Q.18:- What is the subunit of the CPU ?

Ans:- Arithmetic Logic Unit

Q.19:- Digital computers deal with ?

Ans:- Discrete Quantities

Q.20:- What is the role of compiler in computers ?

Ans:- It converts the source code ( program in HLL ) into machine language.

Q.21:- Name the super computer developed in the USA ?

Ans:- CRAY XMP – 14

Q.22:- Hybrid computer is a computer which deals with ?

Ans:- Both discrete quantities and physical quantities

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Q.23:- What is nibble ?

Ans:- A group of 4 bits

Q.24:- What is the meaning of a ‘program’ ?

Ans:- A set of instructions given to computer

Q.25:- Microcomputer is a computer ?

Ans:- That contains a microprocessor


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