Computer and IT Selected Questions and Answers Set 4

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Computer and IT Selected Questions and Answers Set 4 entranciology


Computer and IT Selected Questions and Answers Set 4 for all competitive and entrance exams.


Q.1:- Which type of computer could be found in a digital watch ?

Ans:- Embedded Computer

Q.2:- PARAM was developed by ?

Ans:- C-DAC

Q.3:- Why is the Caps Lock key referred to as a toggle key ?

Ans:- because its function goes back and forth every time it is pressed.

Q.4:- Soft copy is an intangible output, so then what is a  hard copy ?

Ans:- The printed output

Q.5:- What kind of device is the keyboard in computer ?

Ans:- Input

Q.6:- The key that must be pressed each time a new command or information is entered ?

Ans:- Return / Enter

Q.7:- The primary output device for computers is a ….. ?

Ans:- Video Monitor

Q.8:- Any data and instruction entered in the memory of a computer is ?

Ans:- Input

Q.9:- The main memory of a computer can also be called ?

Ans:- Primary Storage, Internal Memory and Primary Memory

Q.10:- A DVD is an example of a (an) …….. ?

Ans:- Optical Disc

Q.11:- Saving is the process of ?

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Ans:- Copying a document from memory to a storage medium

Q.12:- A permanent memory, which halls data and instruction for start up the computer and does not erase data after power off.

Ans:- ROM

Q.13:- The arrow keys can be used to ?

Ans:- move the cursor in the text that has already been entered.

Q.14:- Devices that allow you to put information into the computer ….?

Ans:- Input

Q.15:- The operating system called UNIX is typically used for ………..?

Ans:- Web Servers

Q.16:- These provide expansion capability for a computer system ?

Ans:- Slots

Q.17:- Give the name of a permanent storage device ?

Ans:- Hard Disk

Q.18:- Typical acronym of reusable  optical storage will be ……….. ?

Ans:- CD-RW

Q.19:- OCR stands for ?

Ans:- Optical Character Recognition

Q.20:- With a CD you can …………………?

Ans:- Read

Q.21:- Devices that let the computer communicate with you …………….?

Ans:- Input

Q.22:- What term is used to describe using the mouse to move an item on the screen to a new location ?

Ans:- Drag and Drop

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Q.23:- Which part of a computer displays the work done ?

Ans:- Monitor

Q.24:- Which type of memory holds only the program and data that the CPU is presently processing?

Ans:- RAM

Q.25:- Secondary storage does not require …………. ?

Ans:- Constant Power



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