Chemistry Solved Questions and Answers Set 1

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Q.1:- Kerosene is a mixture of……….?

Ans: – Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

Q.2 :- Which elements is a metalloid ?

Ans: – As

Q.3:- What does Stainless Steel Contain?

Ans: – Fe + Cr + Ni

Q.4:- Give the one name of the element which does not have an allotrope?

Ans: – Nitrogen

Q.5:- The deficiency of which element leads to dental caries?

Ans: – Fluorine

Q.6:- Which gas is used in filling electric bulbs?

Ans:- Argon

Q.7:- In chemical terms, what are alums used for purifying water for drinking purposes?

Ans:- Double Sulphates

Q.8:- Give one example of non-mixture?

Ans:- Graphite

Q.9:- Which one elements exists in liquid state at room temperature?

Ans:- Mercury

Q.10:- The metal constituent of chlorophyll is?

Ans:- Magnesium

Q.11:- Give the name of one metals that occurs in nature in free state?

Ans:- Gold

Q.12:- Oils are purified by ?

Ans:- Steam Distillation

Q.13:- What is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors?

Ans:- Heavy Water

Q.14:- Which gas is commonly used in anaesthesia?

Ans:- Nitrous Oxide

Q.15:- Give one example of a balanced chemical equation?

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Ans:- 2NaOH + 2Al + 2H2O → 3H2 + 2NaAlO2

Q.16:- Give one example of an element?

Ans:- Graphite

Q.17:- Which element (metal) pollutes the air of a city having large number of automobiles?

Ans:- Lead

Q.18:- Give the name of one non-nitrogenous fertilizer?

Ans:- Ca(CN)2

Q.19:- What is responsible for blue baby syndrome?

Ans:- Nitrate

Q.20:- The metal compound commonly found in Sindhoor or Kumkum is based on?

Ans:- Lead

Q.21:- Which gas is responsible for the swelling of bread?

Ans:- Carbon Dioxide

Q.22:- The inert gas abundantly found in atmosphere is?

Ans:- Ar

Q.23:- Candles contains a mixture of?

Ans:- Paraffin Wax and Stearic Acid

Q.24:- Which is the rarest naturally occurring element of earth?

Ans:- Astatine

Q.25:- Give the name of one noble gas which is not found in the atmosphere?

Ans:- Radon

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