Chemistry Solved Questions and Answers Set 2

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Q.1:- Which of the following is an element ?

  1. Alumina
  2. Brass
  3. Graphite
  4. Silicon

Ans:- (d) Silicon

Q.2:- The radius of an atomic nucleus is of the order of ?

  1. 10-10 cm
  2. 10-13 cm
  3. 10-15 cm
  4. 10-8 cm

Ans:- (b) 10-13 cm

Q.3:- Discovery of the nucleus of an atom was due to the experiment carried out by ?

  1. Bohr
  2. Rutherford
  3. Moseley
  4. Thomson

Ans:- (b) Rutherford

Q.4:- Isobars are lines displaying areas of equal ?

  1. Humidity
  2. Temperature
  3. Rainfall
  4. Atmospheric Pressure

Ans:- (d) Atmospheric Pressure

Q.5:- The atoms of the elements having the same mass number but different atomic number are called ?

  1. Isotopes
  2. Isobars
  3. Isotones
  4. Isomers

Ans:- (b) Isobars

Q.6:- Which of the properties of the element is a whole number ?

  1. Atomic Mass
  2. Atomic Number
  3. Atomic Radius
  4. Atomic Volume

Ans:- (b) Atomic Number

Q.7:- ‘Misch Metal’ is widely used in manufacture of which of the following ?

  1. Material of car brake
  2. Smoke detectors
  3. Cigarette lighters
  4. Emergency lights

Ans:- (c) Cigarette lighters

Q.8:- Which one of the following is not a mixture ?

  1. Air
  2. Mercury
  3. Milk
  4. Cement

Ans:- (b) Mercury

Q.9:- Nucleons are ?

  1. Protons and Neutrons
  2. Neutrons and Electrons
  3. Protons and Electrons
  4. Protons, Neutrons and Electrons

Ans:- (a) Protons and Neutrons

Q.10:- The maximum number of electrons on a principal shell is ?

  1. n2
  2. n
  3. 2n2
  4. 3n2

Ans:- (c) 2n2

Q.11:- Cathode rays are ?

  1. Electromagnetic Wave
  2. Stream of Alpha-Particles
  3. Stream of electrons
  4. Radiations
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Ans:- (c) Stream of electrons

Q.12:- A colloid solution of a liquid, in a solid is termed as ?

  1. Aerosol
  2. Gel
  3. Emulsion
  4. Sol

Ans:- (b) Gel

Q.13:- Which of the following colloids are solvent hating colloids ?

  1. Lyophilic
  2. Lyophobic
  3. Hydrophilic
  4. None of these

Ans:- (b) Lyophobic

Q.14:- Brass contains ?

  1. Copper and Zinc
  2. Copper and Tin
  3. Copper and Silver
  4. Copper and Nickel

Ans:- (a)  Copper and Zinc

Q.15:- The sky looks blue due to ?

  1. Dispersion effect
  2. Scattering
  3. Reflection
  4. Transmission

Ans:- (b) Scattering

Q.16:- Medicines are more effective, if they are used in ?

  1. Solution State
  2. Gaseous State
  3. Colloidal State
  4. Solid State

Ans:- (c) Colloidal State

Q.17:- Which one of the following elements is used as common catalyst ?

  1. B
  2. Ge
  3. Ni
  4. Ga

Ans:- (c) Ni

Q.18:- Heavy water is used as ?

  1. Washing water
  2. Detergent
  3. Drinking water
  4. Moderator

Ans:- (d) Moderator

Q.19:- Which one of the following is used in making pencils ?

  1. Charcoal
  2. Bone Black
  3. Black Ash
  4. Graphite

Ans:- (d) Graphite

Q.20:- The colour of hydrogen is ?

  1. Yellow
  2. Orange
  3. Black
  4. Colourless

Ans:- (d) Colourless

Q.21:- Chemically phosgene gas is ?

  1. Carbonyl Sulphide
  2. Carbonyl Chloride
  3. Phosphine
  4. Nickel Carbonyl

Ans:- (b) Carbonyl Chloride

Q.22:- Use of diamond as a gem depends upon its ?

  1. High Cost
  2. Refraction Index
  3. Extreme Hardness
  4. Bad Conductance

Ans:- (b) Refraction Index

Q.23:- Dry Powder extinguisher contains ?

  1. Sand
  2. Sand and Baking Soda
  3. Sand and Na2CO3
  4. Sand and K2CO3
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Ans:- (b) Sand and Baking Soda

Q.24:- Which of the following cannot be used as nitrogenous fertilizer ?

  1. CaNCN
  2. NH4NO3
  3. HNO3
  4. NH2CONH2

Ans:- (c) HNO3

Q.25:- The gas is commonly used in anaesthesia ?

  1. Methane
  2. Nitrous Oxide
  3. Nitrogen
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Ans:- (b) Nitrous Oxide


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