Biology Selected Questions and Answers Set 6

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Biology Selected Questions and Answers Set 6 entranciology


Biology Selected Questions and Answers Set 6 for all competitive and entrance exams.

Q.1:- Maximum amount of energy ( ATP ) is liberated on oxidation of ?

Ans:- Fats

Q.2:- Give the name of any one plant hormone?

Ans:- Auxin

Q.3:- Naturally occurring Auxin is ?

Ans:- IAA

Q.4:- Fermentation is ?

Ans:- Incomplete oxidation of Carbohydrate

Q.5:- Which gas is essential for photosynthesis ?

Ans:- Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Q.6:- Energy currency of cell is ?

Ans:- ATP

Q.7:- Litchen are constituted by ?

Ans:- Air Pollution

Q.8:- Azola is a ?

Ans:- Water Ferm

Q.9:- Study of pollen grain is called?

Ans:- Polynology

Q.10:- IR-20 is a high yielding variety of ?

Ans:- Rice

Q.11:- Osmosis Involves ?

Ans:- Diffusion of water from less to more concentrated side.

Q.12:- When concentration of solutes is low in the soil, absorption of water is ?

Ans:- Increase

Q.13:- The phenomenon by which water molecules move from a weaker solution to a stronger solution through a semi-permeable membrane is called ?

Ans:- Osmosis

Q.14:- What is the type of movement that occurs during opening and closing of flower ?

Ans:- Nastic Movement

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Q.15:- In plant body, the water and minerals are transported by ?

Ans:- Xylum

Q.16:- A cell increases in volume if the external medium is ?

Ans:- Hypotonic

Q.17:- Litchen which grow on stones are called ?

Ans:- Saxocoles

Q.18:- Aflatoxins are produced by ?

Ans:- Fungi

Q.19:- Microscopic organism which passively float on the surface of water are called ?

Ans:- Phytoplantons and Zooplantones

Q.20:- Physical basis of life is ?

Ans:- Protoplasm

Q.21:- Red rot of sugarcane is caused by ?

Ans:- Colletotrichum

Q.22:- It is possible to produce seedless tomato fruits by ?

Ans:- spraying hormones  on flowers

Q.23:- Oxygen released during photosynthesis of green plant comes from the breakdown of ?

Ans:- Water

Q.24:- Embryo is found in ?

Ans:- Seeds

Q.25:- During rainy seasons door made up of wood swell up due to ?

Ans:- Inbibition




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