Biology Selected Questions and Answers Set 5

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Q.1:- Which respiratory disease is associated with excess of histamine?

Ans:- Asthma

Q.2:- Which serves as a membrane covering the lungs?

Ans:- Pleural Membrane

Q.3:- Which structure prevents the entry of food into the windpipe?

Ans:- Epiglottis

Q.4:- What is the air left in the lungs after forceful expiration called?

Ans:- Residual Volume

Q.5:- What is the shape of the diaphragm during expiration?

Ans:- Flattened

Q.6:- Who gave the classification of human blood into A, B and O types?

Ans:- Landsteiner

Q.7:- Which is a leucocyte with an unlobed nucleus?

Ans:- Lymphocytes

Q.8:- The capcity of leucocytes to squeeze through the thin capillaries is called?

Ans:- Diapedesis

Q.9:- Which helps in conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin during blood coagulation?

Ans:- Thrombin

Q.10:- Myocardial infarction is due to ?

Ans:- Weakening of Heart Muscles

Q.11:- What is leucopenia?

Ans:- Less Production of WBC

Q.12:- What is the other name of blood clot forming in vessels blocking the flow of blood called?

Ans:- Thrombus

Q.13:- Phrenic artery is only characteristic to mammals supplying blood to ?

Ans:- Diaphragm

Q.14:- Which has a closed type of circulatory system?

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Ans:- Fish

Q.15:- A blood group has agglutinogen located on/in ?

Ans:- RBC

Q.16:- From where do the prostaglandins concerned with blood pressure regulation originate?

Ans:- Renal Medulla

Q.17:- The dotted appearance of the cortex of the kidney is due to ?

Ans:- Malphigian Body

Q.18:- Which Cation is excreted maximum in urine?

Ans:- Sodium

Q.19:- The yellow colour of urine is due to urochrome which is synthesized by the oxidation of which of the following?

Ans:- Stereobilin

Q.20:- Which substance is used to measure the glomerular filtration rate?

Ans:- Insulin

Q.21:- From where does the elimination of insoluble calcium phosphate take place?

Ans:-  Large Intestine

Q.22:- What is the inflammation of urinary bladder called?

Ans:- Cystitis

Q.23:- Which hormone reduces re-absorption of water causing dieresis?

Ans:- Thyroxine

Q.24:- Which describes a mammalian kidney?

Ans:- Metanephric

Q.25:- Give the name of any one waste matter that comes in one of the most toxic waste matters?

Ans:- Ammonia



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