Biology Selected Questions & Answers Set 4

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Q.1:- Where is the hair shaft of hair is lodge?

Ans:- Follicle

Q.2:- Pigmentation of skin is due to the secretion from?

Ans:- Melanocytes

Q.3:- Where are the sweat glands in the human skin located?

Ans:- Dermis of Skin

Q.4:- What is the deeper layer of the skin of vertebrates called?

Ans:- Dermis

Q.5:- What are the receptors of touch present superficially in the skin called?

Ans:- Meissner’s Corpuscles

Q.6:- Which are Meibomian glands associated with?

Ans: Eyelids of Mammals

Q.7:- What is the periodical shed of epidermal skin in snakes called.

Ans:- Ecdysis

Q.8:- What is the second part of small intestine in man known as?

Ans:- Jejunum

Q.9:- What is the longest part of alimentary canal?

Ans:- Ileum

Q.10:- Crypts of lieberkuhn of Ileum can be considered as examples of which of the following?

Ans:- Simple Tubular

Q.11:- What converts glycogen to glucose?

Ans:- Glucagon

Q.12:- Which hormone does stomach secrete?

Ans:- Gastrin

Q.13:- What is the term used for the synthesis of glycogen from Glucose?

Ans:- Glycogenesis

Q.14:- Which is the first proteolytic enzyme to act on proteins?

Ans:- Pepsin

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Q.15:- The digestion of which of the following releases nitrogenous wastes into the body?

Ans:- Proteins

Q.16:- Where does the digestion of starch in mammals start?

Ans:- Mouth

Q.17:- What is the bolus of food in acidic medium after digestion called?

Ans:- Chime

Q.18:- The deficiency of which vitamin causes night blindness?

Ans:- Vitamin A

Q.19:- Which is the essential mineral for the synthesis of protein in the body?

Ans:- Sulphur

Q.20:- What are Bilirubin and Biliverdin?

Ans:- Bile Pigments

Q.21:- What are the functional units of lungs?

Ans:- Alveoli

Q.22:- Maximum Carbon Dioxide is carried in the blood by which method?

Ans:- RBC as Bicarbonate Ion

Q.23:- Which is the respiratory pigment with least Oxygen carrying capacity?

Ans:- Haemoerythrin

Q.24:- What is the total lung capacity?

Ans:- 5200

Q.25:- Where is the pneumotaxic centre acting on the inspiratory centre producing inhibition located?

Ans:- Medulla




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