Biology Selected Questions and Answers Set 3

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Q.1:- The study of the internal structure of the plants is called?

Ans:- Anatomy

Q.2:- What is Azolla?

Ans:- Aqueous Fern

Q.3:- A seed is ripened ?

Ans:- Ovule

Q.4:- Golden rice has the highest quantity of?

Ans:- Vitamin A

Q.5:- Neelgai belongs to the following family?

Ans:- Cow

Q.6:- The virus is?

Ans:- Nucleic Acid and Protein

Q.7:- Who discovered genetic material?

Ans:- Friedrich Miescher

Q.8:- The main function of the Golgi body is?

Ans:- Secretion

Q.9:- The study related to the fishes is called?

Ans:- Ichthyology

Q.10:- Give the name of a vitamin that acts like hormone ?

Ans:- Vitamin D

Q.11:- The hormone insulin is a?

Ans:- Peptide

Q.12:- The only snake that builds a nest is?

Ans:- King Cobra

Q.13:- Which organelle in the cell, other than nucleus contains DNA?

Ans:- Mitrochondrion

Q.14:- Process by which plants prepare their food is?

Ans:- Photosynthesis

Q.15:- Who propounded the theory of Jumping-gene?

Ans:- Mc Clintock

Q.16:- The 1968 Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine was shared by Holley, Khorana and Nirenberg, for?

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Ans:- Genetic Code

Q.17:- The first heart transplantation was performed by?

Ans:- Dr. C. Barnard

Q.18:- The National institute for the visually handicapped is situated at?

Ans:- Dehradun

Q.19:- Give the name of a substance available in small quantity in the sea and administered in a certain deficiency disease ?

Ans:- Iodine

Q.20:- AIDS is caused by?

Ans:- Virus

Q.21:- Itai-Itai disease is caused by chronic poisoning of?

Ans:- Cadmium

Q.22:- Rabies is caused by?

Ans:- Virus

Q.23:- Give the name of the strain of H.I.V. that is dominant in India?

Ans:- HIV 1C

Q.24:- Give the name of the disease which cannot be controlled by vaccination?

Ans:- Diabetes

Q.25:- The disease in which high levels of uric acid in the blood is detected?

Ans:- Gout

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