Biology Selected Questions and Answers Set 2

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Q.1:- Lobsters belong to which class of organisms?

Ans:- Crustaceans

Q.2:- Blood and lymph are types of?

Ans:- Connective Tissue

Q.3:- The group of animals belonging to phylum protozoa is?

Ans:- Paramecium and Plasmodium

Q.4:- Two bacteria found to be very useful in genetic engineering experiments are?

Ans:- Escherichia and Agrobacterium

Q.5:- Eutrophication is the result of?

Ans:- Algae and Aquatic Plants

Q.6:- Ephedrine obtained from the stem of Ephedra is given to cure?

Ans:- Asthma, Respiratory disorder and Cold and Cough

Q.7:- The number of chambers found in mammals heart is ?

Ans:- 4

Q.8:- The Devil fish belongs to the genus of?

Ans:- Mobula

Q.9:- Which is the fastest growing plant in the world?

Ans:- Macrocystis Pyrifera

Q.10:- The mad cow disease is caused by?

Ans:- Prions

Q.11:- The organ of the human body directly affected by the disease of hepatitis is?

Ans:- Liver

Q.12:- Which human organs is less susceptible to harmful radiations?

Ans:- Lungs

Q.13:- According to the World Health Organization, the disease which caused the death of the largest number of people in 2011, was?

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Ans:- Ischaenic Heart Diseases

Q.14:- The blue baby pollution disease is due to the excessive presence of which compound/element in drinking water?

Ans:- Nitrate

Q.15:- The liver disease Hepatitis-B is caused by?

Ans:- DNA Virus

Q.16:- Night blindness is caused by the deficiency of?

Ans:- Vitamin A

Q.17:- In plants, give the name of a tissue that is dead?

Ans:- Sclerenchyma

Q.18:- The water and mineral salts are transported to the various organs by?

Ans:- Xylem

Q.19:- The gas released during the photosynthesis by the green plants is?

Ans:- Oxygen

Q.20:- Coffee is extracted from the?

Ans:- Seeds

Q.21:- Quinine is obtained from which part of the plant?

Ans:- Bark

Q.22:- Apart from quinine, give one more name of herbal drug that is used to cure malaria?

Ans:- Arteether

Q.23:- Pneumatophores are present in?

Ans:- Mangrove Plants

Q.24:- Give the name of the longest flower in the world?

Ans:-  Rafflesia

Q.25:-  Coconut water, is teachnically?

Ans:- Endosperm


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