An Indian Farmer Long and Short Essay in English Language For Schools Exams

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An Indian Farmer Long and Short Essay Paragraph / Article in English Language For Schools Board Examinations.

India is a country of villages and farmers. Farmers are the important member of Indian society. It is true that they are farmers who feed the whole nation and live in poverty, want and squalor. This is a big sacrifice. Farmers produce vegetables, food grains, cotton, jute, oil-seeds, sugar, and so many other things for all of us. They work from morning to till late evening in sun, rain and rough weather. They don’t take any holiday and take only a little rest. If they stop, the whole nation will have to face starvation because low productivity of crops. The farmers are the backbone of the country.

Farmers plough the fields, grow crops, water them and look after food, lead a life of poverty and are almost under debt. Still they are religious-minded, God-fearing and contended with their hard lot. Of late, there has been some sunshine in their lives. The government of India has awaken from its long and deep slumber and come to realise that it has some duty towards this section of the Indian society. Many schools and hospitals are being opened in rural areas. Electricity and agricultural implements are being provided to the farmers in the villages.

Villages are being connected with towns and big cities through link and metalled roads. Many Cooperative Societies and Cooperative Rural Banks are being set up in the rural areas of India. Fair prices are fixed for production (Crops) of the farmers. A new chapter has been written to make farmers’ lives a lot better and happier because they deserve it.

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