An Hour Before The Examination : Article, Paragraph, Essay in English Language for Examinations

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An Hour Before The Examination in Front of The Examination Hall : Article, Paragraph, Essay in English Language for Examinations of Schools, Colleges, Competitive Exams, Essay or Paragraph or Article Writing Competition.

“Examinations embolden us to face challenges in life”

We all know that examinations form a part and parcel of our education system but they are the most torturous elements before the students. Generally the students curse them as they kill their joy and pleasure. It is like a fly in the tasty milk of a students’ life. If there had been no examinations, none would have liked to study. The examinations bring a major change among the students. They become serious and burn midnight oil to get success in their outcome. Some even fall ill due to examination fever. But one hour before the examination in front of the examination hall is all the more interesting.

One can see students in large number of duly assembled before the hall. They can be seen in groups and separately studying, discussing & consulting the books. Anxiety to clear their doubts on certain questions. More often parents too come to leave their wards to the examination centre. Very often students consult their teachers before time & seek their blessings. Some student skip through their books and notes hastily to revise the whole syllabus.

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One can even witness certain students rushing rapidly as they are quite well in time. They become nervous and serious with a sigh of tension. Students who are not well prepared, depict tension, terror, stress and pain in their minds and eyes. They even request their fellows for some help during the examination time. But as soon as the bell goes a great rush of students run towards the urinal to relieve themselves from the natural call, leaving the atmosphere quiet and serene. Their parents too search for the sheltering places till the examination is over. Of course, the examination is a big bug that goes on biting all the sundry.

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