All That Glitters is Not Gold : Full and Short Essay in English Language For Board Schools Exams

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All That Glitters is Not Gold : Full and Short Essay / Paragraph / Article in English Language For Board Schools Examinations.

Many times we become impressed with good appearances but sometimes appearances are mostly deceptive; we should not be misguided by the outward appearances and show offs. Things gaudy in appearance dazzle all of us; but we should not forget that many showy things are nothing but many times they are rubbish. Gold is very useful and shining metal. Because of this property, it is used to make beautiful ornaments. It is precious for its intrinsic worth, and has also got some medicinal virtues.

Ornaments made of gold never get rusted. Some other metals are by no means as precious as gold. A shining ornament has the same lustre as gold. But it is found lacking in natural worth. The world is full of snares, deceptions, show offs and delusions. The mind that cannot understand the facts is easily be fooled. It cannot distinguish between truth and untruth, realities and vanities. Many times, things are not what they seem. How many scoundrels pass off as saints, a thief may pass for an honest man, and a foe may be mistaken for a very sincere friend. So we must be alert and open minded while buying goods and making friends.

The proverb teaches us that nothing should be judged merely just by appearances. We must always carefully judge and examine a thing before accepting it and should not be deluded by its showy appearance. In our daily life, we come across malicious people who throw dust in the eyes of others by showing good manners, humble nature and kind behaviour, but in reality they are lurking snakes in the grass. So we always be alert while making purchases, talking with strangers, making friends and helping others.

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