A Visit to A Trade Fair : English Short Essay, Articles, Paragraphs for Students

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A Visit to A Trade Fair or A Visit to A International Trade Fair : English Short Essay, Articles, Paragraphs for Students

An International Trade fair was held in the Pragati Maidan of Delhi in the month of November. I visited this fair in the company of friends. Almost all the big industrial countries of the world took part in this fair. They had put up very huge, spacious and attractive stalls. Electronic gadgets and automobiles were the main attractions of the fair. Japanese and Korean stalls were full of the latest models of electronic goods. There were the latest models of Television’s, VCR’s, Computers, Mixers, and Quartz Watches etc.

In the trade fair, there were mixers, grinders, washing machines, dish-washers, electronic type writers and vacuum cleaners. The latest models of German, American, Japanese and British cars were also on display. However, the Indian cars of new models were big attraction. We went round the fair for about five hours. In a single day a business of Rs. 750 crore was done. It is a record figure of any international trade fair.

We were wonder struck at the amazing advancement in the field of science and technology. These trade fairs have a great educative and economic value. They bring the countries of the world closer to one another.

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