A Visit to A Hill Station : Short Essay, Paragraph, Article in English Language

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A Visit to A Hill Station : Short Essay, Paragraph, Article in English Language for Students Exams (English Writing)

My uncle lives at Mussoorie. He invited me to spend my summer vacation with them. I made up my mind to visit Mussoorie during the last summer vacation. I have never been to a hill station before. So it was a novel experience for me. I boarded the Dehradun Express from Delhi station. My uncle came to receive me at the railway station. He took me from Dehradun to Mussoorie in his car. I stayed with him for a month.

Mussoorie is a beautiful place and very famous tourist spot. Thousands of tourists, both foreigners and Indians, come to visit this place every year. I met with many foreign tourists and knew about their country and culture. It was the month of June. So there was great hustle and bustle everywhere. The weather was very pleasant. The nature was at her best.

The scenery all around was very charming. The fir-clad hills presented a fine view. Mussoorie has rightly been called “Queen of Hills”. It makes one forget the heat of the plains. It transported me into a heaven of joy and merriment. During my stay I visited all the beauty spots in the neighbourhood of Mussoorie in the company of my cousin who is about my age. The memory of this visit is still fresh in my mind.

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